The Next Galaxy Release Of Samsung Galaxy S3 S III Features Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy S3 feature specs reviews, providing the honest reviews,technology ,futures of the next generation bestselling smart phone—Samsung Galaxy S3 S III 



Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII human intelligence features:


  • galaxy s iii smart stay:  galaxy s3 smart phone come with a eye icon at the top of the screen , this eye act as a sensor to eye vision, as long as you stay reading your screen , the screen will keep bright display, the time out rule will not take place, the screen keep awake when we awake ,it fall asleep when we fall asleep, it precisely know what is going on when we keep reading on the screening , imagine how annoying when you are reading a E-book or on the process of reading a email when the preset screen time out rule take place, this brand new Galaxy s3 smart stay feature human intelligence actually solve our problems.





  • galaxy s iii social tag: Samsung Galaxy S3 Social Tag allow you link your friend social steam status in their photo face,once you click their photo face, their social profiles will came out like Facebook profile, it connected you to their Facebook page right away when you click it, the galaxy social tag allow you to keep track of your friend social status and connected to your friend like never before.





  • Samsung galaxy s III direct call :  Let’s you are doing text messaging with some one on your galaxy s3 phone now, but you are not feel good about text messaging and want to call him immediately , all you need to do is just put your Samsung galaxy phone to your ear and the system will sensor and understand you want to make a phone call instead of text messaging, it will make a phone call for you to whoever you were text messaging with without your dial any numbers.





  • Samsung galaxy s iii  S Voice:  the galaxy s3 natural language recognition system understand you when you speak to the phone, it is more like your buddy, respond to your words as you speak to your galaxy s3 smart don’t have to turn on the phone by your finger but instead simply say “hi Samsung, wake up”  or  ” hi buddy” , you can personalized up to 5 wake up command mode, when you are driving ,you want to pull out the navigation system, you can talk to your phone like ” I want my navigation “, the phone human intelligence understand your speech, and it will start the navigation system for you right away, you can also talk to your phone like ” what is today’s weather in New York city, then the phone will pull out the weather for you, you  can also talk to your phone like ” I want to take a picture” , the phone will open the camera for you.You can setup phone control setting,you can setup timer, you can play music. the galaxy s3 s voice feature allow you doing many  things with your phone when you talk to it, so be innovative with this language recognition technology. it understand natural language,British English,American English,Germany,Latin,Japanese,Korean and many more other languages.





  • Samsung Galaxy S III  S Beam: When you put  two Samsung GALAXY S III’s smart phones back to back (only work with same galaxy s3 phone ) , kind of touch each other on the surface, then one of the phone start sending files to other phone, both phones have to request and accept the files, you can send up to 1GB movie in three minutes and a 10MB music file in two seconds if you have “wifi direct” feature turn on,  but if you don’t have wifi signal, the system will allow to choose “NFC’ (Near field communication)  to share the files, but the speed is relatively slower than wifi, kind of Bluetooth speeds. There is lousy hardware setup, cable plugin or connection, software configuration or anything like that, it is and touch and send in a very easy way.





  •  Samsung Galaxy S III  AllShare Cast: Allshare cast allow you connect your samsung phone screen to a bigger TV screen, all you need is a small  palm size device called “allshare cast dongle”, this device use wireless wifi signal to connected to your samsung galaxy s3 smart phone, it has a small blue night indicate the device is turn on and functioning, it comes with two cables: one is the power cord plug to the wall, one is the HDMI CABLE connection to your TV, which can transmit up to 1080p video and audio data, once the device is turn on and the cables connected to the right position, you can turn on this feature on your galaxy s3 smart phone by going to “control setting”  and turn on the “ALLSHARE CAST” feature to mirror whatever you doing on your phone to the TV screen display, you can watch movie, play music, surfed internet in your TV screen , the smart phone project whatever show up in the screen to the TV. You can also use your phone as a controller when you play slide share presentation in your phone by turn on feature in Polaris Office app.





  •  Samsung Galaxy S III  AllShare Play:  With Samsung allshare play, you can play the same contents such as videos, photos, musics, documents in the same time from same samsung galaxy s3 smart phone. All you need to do is to turn on the feature called “all share play app”, in your phone, then you can play contents in all of your three phones whatever your want in any way. The Samsung allshare play also allow your Samsung smart phone to access the content such as from your remote Samsung computer, whenever,wherever you want. then you can also share your video with Samsung smart TV in the same time through allshare play cast dongle device. Samsung is creating the content sharing ecosystem with their own smart devices network leading the future technology to come.





  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Buddy Photo Share: It share the photos with your friend instantly, when you taking the photos or  open your friend photo, you can just simply tag them by pressing on their face,the system will recognize the photo with your friend personal information immediately,then sending the photos through email by selecting contacts in your contact list





  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Smart Alert: Let’s say you work so hard for a while , and you fall into asleep ,and when you wake up ,you actually miss couple phone calls, emails, or message, this smart alert feature will remind you what you have missed during the time you are not with your phone. when you pick up your phone again, the Samsung galaxy s3 smart phone understand it, it will vibrates in your palm, and tell you how many calls ,emails, messages you have just missed immediately during the time you are with your phone. would it nice to alert you what you have missed right away?





  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Design Inspired By Nature: It is designed and inspired by nature:  Is is super slim organic shape design reflected its comfortable human experience with enhanced features and usability, it come with two colors inspired by nature, one is marble white, the other one is pebble blue.





  • Samsung Galaxy S3 4.8 HD Super AMOLED:  Seeing it to feel the true 4.8 inches HD graph screen display with perfect color to attract eye lust, ultra fast respond time than average grape technology in the market.



  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Pop Up Play:  Let’s say when you are watching movie in your galaxy s3 smart phone, and you want to send message or email to your friend in the same time, all you need to do is press the “pop up play “ at the right bottom corner of your screen, then your movie screen will pop up in a small window format, after that you can do anything such as sending email,surf the net, play with your photos with your phone while you still able to watch your movie, if the movie is block your way, you can also drag your movie to any comfortable position you want in any time. What a revolutionary way to do two things in the same time.





  • Samsung Galaxy S III Best Photo: Let’s say when you take the photo with your galaxy s3 camera, when you turn on this feature, it enable you taking 8 consecutive scene shots when the time pass by ,and you get to choose which one is the best photo quality for your pleasure.



  • Samsung Galaxy S III LTE 4G Network:  4g LTE wireless service varied depends on country, it is faster download speed than 3g network, and it is going to get faster and faster for the future to come.






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